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George Risk Industries designs and manufactures magnetic reed switches as well as keyboards, keypads, pushbutton and keyboard switches, proximity sensors and engraved keycaps. Our products are sold through a network distributors worldwide. Where to Buy

The security industry recognizes George Risk Industries as a quality manufacturer of door and window contact switches, environmental products, proximity switches and custom keyboards for the security industry. GRI's security products are used in alarm system installations in the residential, commercial, industrial, and government sectors.

GRI's other products such as keyboards, keypads, pushbutton and keyboard switches, proximity sensors and engraved keycaps have industrial, manufacturing, transportation and agricultural applications.

GRI uses SolidWorks CAD software to develop new products as well as to create custom products. In addition to providing specifications for fit and function, customers can also have products heat or foil stamped with logos or other important information.

George Risk Industries is headquartered in Kimball, Nebraska with a satellite plant in Gering, Nebraska. GRI excels at custom work, customer service and fast delivery.

A Brief Company History

George Risk Industries is a publicly traded company that was founded by George Risk in 1965. When George passed away, his son Ken Risk took over the business. Ken’s daughter, Stephanie Risk-McElroy, took over as CEO in 2013. The company continues to design innovative new products while providing the excellent quality and customer service that have earned customer's business for nearly 50 years. Learn More

industrial track mount wwitchAll Products the Same? Definitely Not!

GRI's parts are assembled by hand. In addition, every part is fully tested by our quality control team prior to shipping.

We use only the finest raw materials in manufacturing our products. With a "zero defect" goal, our purchasing department requires our vendors to meet or exceed our rigid specifications.

While the majority of GRI's products are purchased for security applications, we are a great resource for industrial, manufacturing, transportation and agricultural industries too.

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