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If you need to replace a switch made by another company, the charts below can help. GRI manufactures the largest line of contact switches so if you need something special or have questions on a part number please call the factory (800) 445-5218.

Each brand is listed but you may also search by product number. (To search by product number, type Control+F or Command+F on a Mac and type in the part number.)

Aleph | Amseco | Flair | GE/Sentrol |Honeywell | Tane

Aleph Part Number

GRI Part Number

DC-1561 50F-12-BA
DC-1621 2020-12
DC-1631 50RS-12
DC-1651 20RS-12
DC-1671 N20RS-12
DC-2531WG 100-T
DC-2611 2020-T, 20RS-T
DC-2612 N20RS-T
DC-4511 4704-A
DC2541WG 29A
PS-1541 110-12
PS-1612 70R-12
PS-1622 4040-12
PS-1624 2020-12WG
PS-1631 20F-12
PS-1632 40F-12
PS-2022 4532CL
PS-2023 4532L
PS1541WG 100-12
TAP-15 50R-12

Amseco Part Number

GRI Part Number

AMS-10C 50RS-12WG, 55F-12-BA
AMS-10S 50-12
AMS-17 20RS-12
AMS-20 50R-12, DS-01
AMS-20 RB-01
AMS-21 2020-12
AMS-22 20F-12
AMS-25A 180-12
AMS-25B 190-12
AMS-26A 180-12WG
AMS-26B 190-12WG
AMS-37B 412
AMS-37L 410P
AMS-39 / AMS-39CVS 29A
AMS-39B 29C
AMS-51CV 1100A-12
AMS-59 500, 28A, 700EL-12
AMS-59 / AMS-9 505
AMS-7D 502, 506, 701EL-12
AMS-T10C 410, 700-T
AMS-T17 20RS-T
AMS-T21 2020-T
GSC-20N GB-550
ODC-56A 4532
ODC-56B 4532C
ODC-59A / ODC-59A-MINI 4532L
ODC-59A-36 4532L-36
ODC-59A-HG 200-36WG, 250-36WG
ODC-59B 4532CL
PSW-1 TSW-01 (without shunt)
PSW-2 TSW-03
PSW-21 PB-2020
PSW-22 PBF-2020
QDC-2 QDC-20
RSW-21B DS-03
RSW-21B RB-03
TSW-2T TS-01 (without shunt)

Flair Part Number

GRI Part Number

1000-22 29B
1000-22S 29PB
1000-24S 29PA
1000-24SY 29PD
1000-34 29C
1000-34S 29PC
1000-37SZ 8299
1000-38Z 200-36WG
1000-47 412
1000-47S 412P
1000-50SG 4700-A
1000-58 411
1000-58S 411P
1000-64Y 4402-A
1000-65 4400-A
1000-65SG 8297
1000-65Y 4405-A
1000-73SG 4701-A
1000-75 200-36
1000-96L 4532CL, 4532LB
1000-96Z 4532B, 4532C
1020-22 28B
1020-24 28A
1020-34 28C
1020-47 402
1020-58 401
1900-96 4112, 4112A
1900-98 4110, 4110A
LMS11 505
LMS12 60-12
LMS12-1 60F-12-BA
LMS12-2 65F-12-BA
LMS13-1 50-12
LMS14 70-12
LMS14-1 70F-12-BA
LMS14-2 75F-12-BA
LMS27 1100B-12
LMS28 1100A-12
LMS29 1100C-12
LMS87 111-12
LMS89 112-12
M-1000-22 MS29A
M-1000-63 MS4400-A
M-PFC33 MS8080-T
M-RMS93-2 MS20RS-12
MSS100-1 189-12
MSS100-4 194-12
MSS100-6 184-12
MSS100-6 184RS-12
PA1000-81 4704-A
PFC40 8080RS-T
PFC40 8080-T
PFC40-1 8080-TWG
PFC40-1A 94-2C 4473
PFC40-1N N4473
PFC41-1 185-12
PFC42-1 190-12
PFC42Y 195-12
RMS56K 20F-12
RMS60K 30F-12
RMS68-1 50RS-12
RMS69-2 / RMS69-2
RMS70K 40F-12
RMS71-2 / RMS71-2
RMS93-2 3030-12, 30RS-12
RMS93-2N N30RS-12
RMS95-2 40RS-12
RMS95-2 / RMS95Y
RMS95-2N N40RS-12
VIP100 100-T
VIP100-1 110-T
VIP1000-37 / 1000-37
400, 410
VIP1000-37S / 1000-37S 410P
VIP1000-98L / 1000-98L
VIP1000-98Z / 1000-98Z 4532
VIP120-2 700CL-12
VIP130-1 50F-12WG-BA
VIP130-1 / LMS13-1 50F-12-BA
VIP130-2 55F-12WG-BA
VIP130-2 / LMS13-2
VIP39 / 1000-24 29A
VIP48 / PFC48
VIP48-1 / PFC48-1
VIP48-1A 942C 120T-12WG
VIP48A 94-2C 120RST-12, 120T-12
VIP48A 942C 4473, 4473RS
VIP48N N120T-12
VIP52 MS2020-12, PBF-100
VIP52T MS2020-T
VIP68 / RMS68-2 50R-12
VIP70 MS150-T, PB-2020
VIP70T PB-2020-T
VIP70T / M-PFC33
VIP76 PBF-2020
VIP76 / M-RMS33 MS20RS-T
VIP78 TSC-20
VIP88 /LMS88 110-12
VIP94-1 / RMS94-2
VIP94-1A MN123787 5088RS
VIP94-1N / RMS94-2N N20RS-12
VIP94-2 / RMS94Y 2020-12
VIP94-2N N2020-12
VIP94-2T 2020-T, 20RS-T
VIP94-2TN N2020-T, N20RS-T
VIP99-1 DS-01
VIP99-1T DS-01T

GE/Sentrol Part Number

GRI Part Number

50 N150-T
1015 50RF-12
1016 60RF-12
1017 70RF-12
1035 110-12
1038 100-12
1038 100-12WG
1045 410P
1052 60R-12
1053 70R-12
1055 50R-12
1058 50RS-12 ,50RS-12WG, 50RS-12XWG
1070 4040-12
1071 3030-12
1072 20F-12
1073 30F-12
1074 40F-12
1075 2020-12
1076 194-12
1078 184-12
1082 29PA, 29PAXWG
1084 29PC, 29PCXWG, 29PD, 29PDWG
1085 1100A-12, 29PAWG
1086 1100B-12, 29PB, 29PBWG
1087 1100C-12, 29PCWG
1125 20RS-12
1275 2120-12
1276 2130-12
1277 2140-12
2105 4704
3007 DS-03
2207AH B200-36
1016W 60RF-12WG
1017W 70RF-12WG
1025T 2020-T
1034H 75FB-12
1035W 110-12WG
1042TW 400WG, 402WG, 410WG, 412WG
1045T 400, 410
1045W 410PWG
1047H B412P
1047T 402, 412
1047TH B402
1052W 60R-12WG
1053W 70R-12WG
1055W 50R-12WG
1065TW 2020-TXWG
1066W 3030-12XWG
1067W 4040-12XWG
1070W 4040-12WG
1071W 3030-12WG
1072W 20F-12WG
1073W 30F-12WG, 30F-12XWG
1074H 40FB-12
1074W 40F-12XWG
1075TW 2020-TWG
1075W 2020-12WG
1076C 190-12
1076C B180-12
1076CD 195-12
1076CH B190-12
1076CW 190-12WG
1076D 199-12
1076H B194-12
1076W 194-12WG
1078C 180-12
1078C1 180MC-12
1078CT 8080-T
1078CTW 8080-TWG
1078CW 180-12WG
1078W 184-12WG
1082TW 29AXWG
1084TW 29CXWG
1085T 29A
1085TW 29AWG
1085W 1100A-12WG
1086T 29B
1086W 1100B-12WG
1087T 29C
1087TH B29C
1087TW 29CWG
1087W 1100C-12WG
1125T 20RS-T
1125TW 20RS-TWG
1125W 20RS-12XWG
1138T 100-T, 100-TC, 100-TCWG
1275W 2120-12WG
1276W 2130-12WG
1277W 2140-12WG
2105A 4704-A
2202A-L & 2202AU 4532
2202A-L & 2202AU-L 4532L
2204A-L & 2204AU 4532C
2204A-L & 2204AU 4532CL
2205A-L & 2205AU 4532-36
2205A-L & 2205AU-L 4532L-36
2207AD-L 4532D-36, 4532DL-36
2207AH B4532C
2302A 4612
2304A 4613
2315A-L 4700-A
2317A 4701-A
2325A 4700-AXL
2327A 4701-AXL
2505A-L 4400-A
2507-L20 4402
2507A-L 4402-A
2507AD 4405-A
2507AH-L 4402AB
2515AL 250-36WG
3005 / 3008 DS-01
R1078 184MC-12

Honeywell Part Number

GRI Part Number

940 129A
941 50R-60
944 2020-60
945 110-12
947 184-12, 184-12WG, 184MC-12, 184RS-12
950 400
951WG 20RS-12XWG
957 4532
958 4532L
7945 410P
270R / 268 HD-1
7939-2 29C
7939WG 29AWG
7945-2 412P
943WG 50F-12WG-BA
944-2GY 4040-60
944T 2020-T, 20RS-T
944TRE N2020-T
944TSP 4473, 4473RS
944W 2020-60WG
945T 100-T
947-75T 8080-T, 8080-TWG
951WG 2020-12
951WG / MPS9WG 20RS-12
955PST PBF-100T
956RPT DS-01T
958-2 4532CL
MPS70WG 180-12, 180-12WG, 180MC-12, 180RS-12
MPS73WG 120RST-12, 120T-12, 120T-12WG, 120T-12XWG
MPS80 110-T
MPS99WG 5088, 5088RS, 5088RSWG, 5088WG
PAL-T 100-TC
PR-20421 50R-12, 50RF-12
PR-20445 / 949 100-12

Tane Part Number

GRI Part Number

FM-102 50F-12-BA
FM-103 60F-12-BA
FM-104 70F-12-BA
FM-106 55F-12-BA
FM-107B 65F-12-BA
GP-23 129A
GP-24 129B
MET-200 4400
MET-200AR 36 4400-A
MET-201 4402
MET-201AR 4402-A
MET-44-18 4532L
MET-44-36 4532L-36
MET-45-18 4532LB
MET-46-18 4532CL
Mini-10 / STB-10 20RS-12
Mini-15 50RS-12
Mini-15 w/ Bare 1/4" v .79 50RS-12WG
PB-52 PBF-100
PB-52TC PBF-100T
PB-53 PBF-101
PB-53TC 50R-12
PB-53TC PBF-101T
RB-32 RB-01
RB-33 RB-02
RB-34 RB-03
RFM-25 50RF-12
RFM-26B 60RF-12
RFM-27C 70RF-12
SD-70 180RS-12
SD-70AL 180-12
SD-71BAL 185-12
SD-72CAL 190-12
SD-74CAL 195-12
SD-80 184RS-12
SD-80AL 184-12
SD-81AL 189-12
SD-82CAL 194-12
SD-84CAL 199-12
SM-20 WG 410P, 410PWG
SM-21 WG 411P
SM-35 29A
SM-35 B 29B
SM-35 C 29C
SS-40 50-12, 505
SS-41B 60-12
SS-42C 70-12
STB - 10 WG / MINI-10 WG N20RS-12WG
STB - 3/8 TC WG 20RS-TWG
STB-10 2020-12
STB-10 DM / MINI-10 DM N20RS-12
STB-10 WG 20RS-12XWG
STB-11 30RS-12
STB-3/8TC 2020-T, 20RS-T
TANE - 3/4 BTC 8585-T
TANE - 3/4 TC 8080-T
TANE 3/8 ASH PB-2020
TANE 3/8 ASHO.C. PB-3030
TANE-05DM N150-12
TANE-06 150-12
TANE-22 DS-01
TANE-50 100-TC
TANE-55 1100A-12
TANE-56B 1100B-12
TANE-57C 1100C-12
TANE-60 100-T
TANE-61 101-T
TANE-66 4700-A
TANE-68 4701-A
TANE-96Bi-36 4612
TANE-98Bi LG-36 4613
TAP-16B 60R-12
TAP-17C 70R-12

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If you are an end consumer, view our dealer/installer list.

If you are a dealer/installer, locate a wholesale distributor in your area.

If you are a wholesale distributor, contact GRI customer service and support.

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