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Data Entry Peripherals

GRI manufactures keypads, keyboards and sub-assemblies. Our keyboards are based on our patented high-reliability reed keyswitch design and have long been a source for the FAA. United Artists used our keyboards in making numerous movies including War Games, 2001, Bonzi Cowboy, Ice Pirates and Pushing Tin.

We provide illumination by the use of lamps or for lower power drain, LED’s.  Our units range from 12 keys to 120 keys in many different configurations and with many different specifications.


  • 75 key, ASCII, XT/AT, QWERTY keyboard: 3075  GO
  • 53, 66, 76 or 95 key options: 8000 Series  GO
  • 56 or 62 key options: 9000 Series  GO
  • 62 key, XT/AT keyboard: 9062 Series  GO


  • 32 keys, ASCII, XT/AT keypad: 3032  GO
  • 16 key, ASCII Series Keypad: 9016  GO

SolidWorks improves efficiency and reliability

SolidWorks Improves Efficiency and Reliability

We use SolidWorks to design our products. SolidWorks is a powerful 3D modeling CAD package that allows us to design a product in a virtual environment before building the first part. This makes even our most complex designs more efficient and reliable.

Our Engineering Department completely develops each custom unit to your specifications.

Please contact us online or call us at (800) 445-5218 to discuss your specifications.

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