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GRI offers a complete line of quality magnetic reed contacts and security products that will surpass customer’s expectations. The tougher job might be the installation, but even that can be efficient with our Labor Saving Device’s installation tools.

Made in the U.S.A.

George Risk Industries was founded and continues to operate in America’s heartland. We proudly manufacture and sell quality security products for residential, commercial, and industrial installations.

Advancing the Art of Installation

Labor Saving Devices continues to lead the way in professional specialty tools for wire and cable installation. Our tools are designed to help reduce labor costs and protect your employees.

Helping to Find What You Need

The teams behind GRI and LSDI are dedicated to helping customers find the products and tools they need to make every job easier. If you have questions or need anything, reach out to our team today!

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American Made Quality You Can Trust

At GRI, we take great pride in providing our customers with quality security products that meet your specific needs. With a huge variety of configurations and styles, choose from our products below to find more information on everything we offer.

Special Services

Our specialty services include private labeling and custom manufacturing services, as well as a variety of cable and wire options, resistors, Molex Connections, and more.

Magnetic Reed Switches

With closed and open loop, SPDT, DPDT & high security; standard gap, wide gap and extra wide gap, we have a contact for nearly any application. We also manufacture contacts with built-in end of line resistors, extra length wire/ cable and more custom options.

Specialty Switches, Sensors & Annunciators

GRI has a variety of dual reed contacts, ANSI switches, window bars, panic switches, quick disconnects, wall plates, glass breaks, tilt sensors and many more specialty devices.

Environmental Sensors

Easily and cost effectively monitor the environment with our line of fixed and programmable temperature sensors, water detection sensors and humidity sensors.

Electronic Products

From switching devices to current controllers, power transfer devices and more, George Risk Industries provides a range of home and commercial electrical products.

Pool Access Alarms

Mitigate safety risks associated with pool ownership with our range of pool access alarms which can alert you when someone enters a pool or spa area.


Find a variety of magnets, brackets, pre-wire & dummy plugs, adaptors, spacers, armored cable and more in our accessory line.

Low Voltage Raceway

GRI also manufactures high-quality raceway and connector products appropriate for low voltage applications. Available for purchase in small batches or bulk.

Industrial Proximity

We create standard proximity sensors—which can be customized to your needs—for industries like automation, automotive, medical, aerospace, nuclear, optical, and more.


Advancing the Art of Installation

Labor Saving Devices designs and manufactures a wide variety of professional specialty tools for wire and cable installation. We are proud to offer our industry-first product categories below.

Installation, Staging, Vision, & Testing Tools

From wire strippers, finger protectors, measuring and leveling tools to stud sensors, soldering kits and wire reel holders, LSDI by GRI has the tools to make the installation process seamless.

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Drilling & Hole Cutting

Every job is different, and the drilling and hole cutting tools you need will vary. Find the right tool to help you get the job done right with our drill bits, extensions, and more.

FiberFuse™ Wire Running Rods & Kits

Available in a variety of lengths, our Creep-Zit and Roy Rods are made using a proprietary FiberFuse process, providing superior flexibility and durability while virtually eliminating fiberglass surface splinters. Available in Fluorescent green, luminous or black light.

Specialty Wire Running, Pushing & Pulling Systems

Whether you need fishing wires and pull sleeves or heavy-duty, telescoping fiberglass poles, you can find what you need with our variety of tools.

Spanning & Retrieval Tools

Never lose another wire again and get across longer distances with ease using any of our great spanning and retrieval tools including Wet Noodles, Sling a-line and retrievers.