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Pool Access Alarms

George Risk Industries, Inc., manufactures multiple pool access alarms, from Child Resistant Pool Alarms to Pool Alarm Kits, designed to keep pool and spa areas safe. Find the alarms you need today.

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ETL Listed Pool Access Alarm


  • ETL tested to be in compliance with standard safety, UL 2017, and Florida Building Commission Code requirements, per
  • ETL listing number 3035022
  • Exceeds operational requirements of model barrier codes
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Monitors entry to pool and spa areas
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Pool Access Alarm Remote

  • A remote sounder, Model PAAR-RS or PAAR-SS, can be added to all GRI Pool Access Alarms
  • If monitoring two doors with a GRI Pool Access Alarm or Door Alert, a remote shunt button, Model PAAR-RB or PAAR-SB can be added
  • Remote sounder and shunt button combination units, Model PAAR-RSB or PAAR-SSB can be added to additional units



Plug In Power Supplies

  • 8065R is a Class II U.L. 12 V DC Regulated 500 mA power supply with a red LED indicator for power suspension. Perfect for use with the 189/289 GRI Series Pool Alarm
  • 6973 power supply converts 110V AC to a non-regulated 9V DC at 50mA output and is perfect for use with the Programmable Relay Module

Closed Loop Pool Access Alarm


  • Exceeds operational requirements of model barrier codes
  • Battery power and/or external power source
  • Instant on or 7 second delay
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Low battery alert

Gate Mount Pool Alarm


  • Closed Loop
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Weather resistant for outdoor use
  • Instant on or 7 sec. delay models available

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