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George Risk Industries, Inc. offers accessories for products like cables, brackets, dummy plugs, empty cases, and more. These accessories can be applied to commercial and industrial switches. Check out some of the best accessories to use below!

bulk armored cable

Bulk Stainless Steel Armored Cable

  • Available by the foot and can be strung or unstrung
  • Comes with a steel cable clamp or a nylon cable clamp
  • Available in sizes: 3/16”, 7/32″, and 5/16”,
GRI brackets group


  • Can be mounted on surfaces, small fences, large fences, or garage doors

Track and Gate Mounting Kits

  • Best used for combination post mounts, industrial track mounts, economy track mounts, and fence gate posts

Mighty Mag

Rare Earth Magnets

  • Wide selection of Might Mag rare earth magnets available in numerous sizes and diameters

Alnico V Bare Magnets

  • The pole end of magnets are painted (towards switch)
  • Bare magnets are available in bags of 100
  • Other sizes are available when you call
M-5RS MM-9RS M-5

Magnets in Cases

  • Dimensions given apply to the case size
  • Magnets are available in bags of 100
  • Comes in colors: white, brown, and gray

Channel Magnets

MC-25, GR1840, MC-180

  • Three unique designs that will fit a variety of windows and doors.
  • Designed to be mounted in the track of aluminum windows and sliders
  • Grippers hold the magnet in place
  • No drilling is required
EZ Duct Raceway

E-Z Duct Raceway

  • Wire and cabling raceway and connectors for low voltage applications
  • Comes with adhesive backing
E-Z QR 6

E-Z Duct Raceway Quarter Round

  • Quarter round wire and cabling raceway and connectors for low voltage applications
  • Perfect for hiding wire along floorboards and corner
  • Comes in white only
S-28 S-15 S-23 S-40 spacers

Spacers & Covers

Spacers offered by GRI include:

  • S-129, S-28, S-23, S-11, S-15, 5226, S-40, S-27T, S-27C

Covers offered by GRI include:

  • S-222, 5229, C-129, C-11, S-111
C-5F C-6F empty cases

Empty Cases

  • Available in bags of any amount up to 100
  • Comes in colors: white, mahogany, and gray
dummy plugs

Dummy Plugs

  • Available in bags of 100
  • Comes in colors: white and black
  • Have the ability to be reused
recessed adaptors

Recessed Adapters

  • Available in bags of 100
  • Self-locking
  • Will snap in and out
  • Comes in colors: white and black
  • Are reusable
pre wire plugs

Pre-Wire Plugs

  • Best used for pre-wiring
  • Are reusable and cost effective
  • Come in colors: black or white
  • Available in bags of 100
GRI Magnetic Reed Switch Recessed Switches group

Additional Accessories

  • Plugs come in gray and black
  • Double-side tape is available in 1″ wide down to 1/4″ wide and available in 1, 5, and 10-yard rolls
  • Bushings are available in sizes: 3/4”, 7/8”, 1”, 1.375”, 1 3/4”, 2”, and 2 1/2”
  • Wire run plugs available in black only and come in sizes: 3/4” diameter, 7/8” diameter, 1” diameter, and 1 3/32” diameter

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