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Keyboards, Keypads, & Keycaps

George Risk Industries, Inc., manufactures keypads, keyboards, keycaps, and sub-assemblies based on our patented high-reliability reed key switch design. Our units range from 12 keys to 120 keys in many different configurations and with many different specifications. Find the options you need and order them through Doug Berger today.

Phone: (800)445-5218

Standard Keyboards

GRI, Inc., offers a variety of standard keyboards and keypads to meet many industry needs.

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Custom Keyboards

If your company has specific keyboard or keypad needs, we can help. We take pride in providing our customers with the solutions they need, whether they are a standard option or custom-built. Contact us today to let us know the design specifications and we’ll work with you to build the keyboard you need.

Custom Keycaps

GRI, Inc., has the capabilities to create custom keycaps to ensure that the technology and switch solutions your business needs are available. Get in touch with our team today to talk through specific designs and specifications.