Spanning & Retrieval Tools

Losing a wire behind a wall or trying to traverse a large area with a set of wires doesn’t have to be difficult. Find the spanning and retrieval tools you need to simplify your worksite with LSDI today!

Retrieval Tools

85-124 WNRS

Wet Noodle

This ball chain and magnetic retriever is a tool used for retrofit installations. Note: the Wet Noodle works best in uninsulated walls.

  • Includes a larger and more powerful 14″ magnet


Part No.Model
Wet Noodle & Retrieval SystemLS-85-124WNRS
10 ft. Ball Chain with Stop Ring & ConnectorsLS-85-024WN10
1,000 ft. Roll Ball ChainLS-85-025WN
24" Flexible Noodle RetrieverLS-85-120R24
18" Extendable Pocket RetrieverLS-53-310LBS
85-100 TNRS

Auto Noodle with Retrieval Loop

This tool set is a must-have for new or repairing or modifying existing projects such as automotive, RV’s, boats, and trailers.

  • Includes a 1″ x 2″ flexible wire loop
  • Includes an 18″ telescoping pocket retriever


Part No.Model
Auto Noodle SystemLS-85-100TNRS
Threaded Cable Loop ReplacementLS-85-090TCL
24” Flexible Auto Noodle Retriever ReplacementLS-85-095AR24
Threaded Lighted Bullnose TipLS-81-316CZLBT
Threaded Z-Tip LLS-82-355ZTIPL
Threaded J-Tip LLS-82-371JTIPL
Threaded K-Tip LLS-82-365KTIPL

Spanning Tools

85-202 SAL202

Original Sling-A-Line Span Caster

This tool is equipped with a birch wood yoke and a 10 lb. test fish line to accommodate most wire pulls.

  • Allows you to vary your range from 10 ft. to over 100 ft.


Part No.Model
Sling-A-Line Span CasterLS-85-202SAL202
Sling A-Line Replacement StrapLS-85-210SALR
53-310 LBS

18" Extendable Pocket Retriever

LS-53-310, LBS

Mini telescope retriever that fits in your pocket for your convenience.

  • Extends to 18″
  • Hook fits through 1/4″ hole
84-109 HZ9

Hook-Zit Flexible Retriever

Spring steel wire fishing tool.

  • Hooks face the same way so you always know which way you’re “fishing”
  • Small hook is best for fishing a bundle of wires in a restricted space

Available as:

Part No.Model
9" (3 PackLS-84-109HZ9
Hook-Zit 18" (3 Pack)LS-84-118HZ18