Installation, Staging, Vision & Testing Tools

Labor Saving Devices, Inc. by GRI provides a wide range of items to make installation easier. Our installation tools go through rigorous inspections and testing, and are held to high standards.

Training Tools

50-950 TDVD

Wire Running "As Easy As That" DVD


Presented by Roy Bowling, founder of Labor Saving Devices, Inc., this DVD features a series of training programs for the viewer.

53-210 EZS

EasyStripper Self Adjusting Wire Stripper

LS-53-210, EZS

Multi-functional, self-adjusting tool intended for easy wire stripping, and can crimp and cut wire from within the handle.


51-150 T151

MegaPro Tamperproof Screwdriver

LS-51-150, T151

Best used for all commercial and industrial tradesmen, including electricians, locksmiths, telephone technicians, maintenance personnel, etc.

  • Tamper-proof, Hex, EZ Guide Collar, Retractable
  • Torx, Spanner, Hex-pin, Torx-Pin, and 1/4″ Hex
  • Shaft drill bits included
51-151 S151

MegaPro Standard Bit Model Screwdriver

LS-51-151, S151

Our most popular seller due to its all-purpose use, made more versatile by its multi-bit compatibility.

  • EZ Guide Collar, Retractable Bit Cartridge
  • Phillips, Square, Torx, Flat, 1/4″ Hex Shaft drill bits included

MegaPro Tamperproof Model #2 Screwdriver

LS-51-152, T2151

Our tri-wing screwdriver features an additional selection of 14 different security fastener driver bits, including locksmiths, electricians, maintenance personnel, etc.

  • Tamper-proof, Hex, EZ Guide Collar, Retractable Bit Cartridge
  • Tri-wing, Torq-set, Torx Plus, 1/4″ Hex Shaft drill bits included

Specialty Hand Tools

51-160 MFT

Magnetic Finger

LS-51-160, MFT

This tool is convenient for not only tradesmen, but also for home repair and installation, electrical, plumbing, automotive, and craft purposes, thanks to its ability to pick up ferrus metals, like nuts, bolts, washers, needles, etc. with absolute precision.

  • Snug fit, but stretches comfortably
  • Fastens bolts in tight places
51-140 FCFP F connector

Finger Protector Connector

Intended to protect your fingers when working with BNC connectors or F-Connectors in tight spaces, such as rack systems or panels. The conical shape protects you while tightening or loosening connectors.

  • Fits into your pocket

Available as:

Part No.Model
F Connector Finger Protector (black)LS-51-140FCFP
BNC Connector Finger Protector (blue)LS-51-140BNC-FP
Two-Piece Finger Protector Kit (one for each F and BNC)LS-51-146FPKIT

Knives & Punch Tools

53-105 KDSH12

Twist-Lock Utility Knife

This heavy duty utility knife features thicker, larger and more durable snap off blades, with a secure locking mechanism that firmly locks the blade within the blade channel.

  • Blades are 7mm. thick by 25 mm. wide and specially heat-treated for sharper, longer-lasting edges
  • Impact-resistant
Part No.Model
Twist-Lock Utility KnifeLS-53-105KDSH12
Replacement BladesLS-53-110KDSH12RB
53-300 ACP55

Automatic Center Punch

LS-53-300, ACP55

Save time with starting fasteners or drilling holes with our accurate Automatic Center Punch tool.

  • Steel tip can be sharpened using a table mounted grinder or drill mounted grinding wheel
  • Includes pocket clip
53-135 DS-6

Drywall Saw

LS-53-135, DS-6

Designed for both straight and curved cutting jobs, this tool is best used for cutting drywall, wallboard, plywood, cement board, thin paneling, and PVC, as well as tree limbs, trimming, and pruning organic landscape.

  • Tri-beveled and induction hardened teeth for clean, efficient cuts in both directions
  • Stays sharp 5x longer than other hand-held drywall saws due to the blade’s 8 TPI high carbon steel construction

Measuring & Leveling Tools

53-315 EZCUT

EZ-CUT Level & Template

LS-53-315, EZCUT

Used as a template for cutting out single or double gang boxes, and includes integrated vertical and horizontal leveling vials to ensure you’re positioning your box in a perfectly level position.

  • Light weight of template helps make your cuts accurate
  • Rubberized seals on the back prevent slipping
53-320 PL5

5" Pocket Level

LS-53-320, PL5

Best used in a small or confined spaces where your long, traditional level does not fit or when you need to optimize your trips between your vehicle and the installation site

  • Small size enables item to fit into your pocket or tool pouch
  • Built-in pocket clip
51-180 LSDMT

25' Tape Measure

LS-51-180, LSDMT

Unlike most tape measures, our 25′ tape measure comes with an extra-wide lock button for easy thumb action. Tool is composed of soft, non-slip rubber and high-impact plastic casing.

  • 1” wide blade with printed fractions for quick measurements
  • Removable belt clip provides easy access and portability
54-100 PSK1

Portasol Soldering Kit

The Soldering Kit by Portasol provides a convenient soldering solution for ensuring proper signal integrity in wire connectors and other electrical connections. Orders outside of the United States must order a soldering kit without butane (LS-54-101, PSK2).

  • Efficient butane-fueled catalytic heating system allows for effective and accurate soldering
  • Built-in igniter with heat adjustments between 10 and 60 watts
  • Includes convenient belt loop for better portability
Part No.Model
Compact Soldering KitLS-54-100PSK1
Portasol Soldering Kit (without butane)LS-54-101PSK2
54-110 PSB
Part No.Model
Portasol Replacement Flints (6)LS-54-060PSF1
Zippo Butane Refill for PortasolLS-54-110PSB
Portasol Soldering IronLS-54-120PSO
Portasol Replacement Tip 2.4 mm (medium)LS-54-121PST1
Portasol Replacement Tip 4.8 mm (large)LS-54-122PST2
Portasol Replacement Tip 1.2 mm (small)LS-54-123PST3
Portasol Replacement 1 oz 60/40 Solder RollLS-54-130PSSR
Replacement Pouch for Portasol Kit LS-54-200PSP


57-113 MS1520

Zircon MultiScanner i520 OneStep

LS-57-113, MS1520

Four scanning modes help determine stud location, metal presence, and detect AC wires.

  • Includes a stud Deepscan
  • Works on wallpaper, fresh-painted walls, lath, plaster, textured walls, acoustic ceilings, wood flooring, subflooring, and even gypsum drywall over plywood sheathing
57-100 SSZ9

Zircon StudSensor Pro SL

LS-57-100, SSZ9

Find studs more accurately. If walls are thick, employ the DeepScan feature to locate the stud.

  • Built-in belt clip
  • Scans best on walls with paint and/or wallpaper
57-500 CXT

Chex-Zit Pocket Leadless Continuity Tester

LS-57-500, CXT

This product tests polarity, identifies continuity, and checks voltage for many types of electronic components, and assists with checking wires and repairing appliances within production lines or while field servicing and circuit tracking.

  • Does not need additional wires or clip-leads
  • Leadless tool is a small, lightweight object

Reel Holders

56-200 dcz

DeCoil-Zit Wire Reel Holder - 20"

This collapsible wire reel/spool holder can be quickly assembled or disassembled for on-site use and easy storage. Steel tripod has been welded and power-coated to slide together and form a stable platform for your wire reels.

  • Anti-slip rubber feet provide grip to prevent sliding or scratching floors
  • Capable of holding up to 300 lbs
Part No.Model
DeCoil-Zit Wire Reel Holder - 20" LS-56-200DCZ
DeCoil-Zit Wire Reel Holder - 25"LS-56-250DCZL
56-280 MRS

Multi-Level Reel Stand

LS-56-280, MRS

For maximum versatility, support multiple reels on up to three separate conduits. The stand has two heavy-duty polycarbonate ends designed to hold a variety of spools.

  • Customize with a conduit of your choice: 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″
  • Capable of holding up to 400 lbs


55-415 WEMINI

Wall-Eye Mini

LS-55-415, WEMINI

View obstacles, such as fire blocks, top or bottom plates, conduits, plumbing, existing wire, studs, and debris, inside walls to accurately line your retrofit path.

  • Compact and made of durable ABS plastic
  • Comes with a handy pocket clip
55-320 ABHL

Adjustable Beam Headlamp

LS-55-320, ABHL

Designed for superior functionality and versatility as well as comfort, the small and lightweight body is comfortable but not clunky on your head. You can swivel the lamp up or down 90 degrees, and our revolutionary focus technology allows you to twist to zoom from a nailhead to a wide-angle lighting situation.

  • Includes high, low, and strobe modes
  • 100,000+ hours of LED light
  • 170-meter beam range with 160 lumen output

Tool Storage & Transport

52-100 PB8

Screw & Connector Bag

LS-52-100, PB8

Composed of heavy-duty ballistic nylon with a no-mar bottom, this bag includes eight separate compartments laced with a parachute cord, which doubles as a carrying handle.

  • No-mar bottom
  • Durable metal eyelets
52-150 LSPTC small access pouch

Small Accessory Pouch


3.5″ x 4.5″ zip bag capable of holding small accessories, such as nuts, bolts, drill bits, and more.

52-400 ATMC

All-Tool-Mate Organizer Case

LS-52-400, ATMC

Designed to save you time transporting, organizing, and accessing your installation tools. Made of padded and durable ballistic nylon with a full-length heavy-duty zipper.

  • Offers 40+ compartments, sleeves, and pockets
52-450 IDOZC Installers Dozen case

Installers Dozen Case Only

LS-52-450, IDOZC

Full-length heavy-duty zipper secures this 42”x12” bag.

54-200 PSP

Portasol Soldering Kit Replacement Pouch

LS-54-200, PSP

7″ x 3.75″ fold-over case that holds a solder tool by Portasol.

81-507 FSC

FishTix Nylon Replacement Case

LS-81-507, FSC

51″ x 5″ case made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon for durability. Comes with a shoulder strap for convenience.

81-625 CZ24C quiver rod case

24" Quiver/Compact Rod Case

LS-81-625, CZ24C

Compact case measuring 38.5″ x 3″ comes with a shoulder strap for convenience.