Glossary of Part Numbers for
GRI Switches & Accessories




-AArmored Cable4400-A
AA Form Reed29A-W
AA2 A Form ReedsAA29P
AC1 A Form Reed, 1 C Form ReedAC29P
-ALAlmond Color50F-12-AL
-BBrown Color20RS-12-B
BBiased SwitchB70-12-W
BB Form Reed29B-W
BABreak Away Flange50F-12-B-BA
-BLBlack ColorA-75-BL
CC Form Reed29C-W
CB-Cat Butt (Wire Run Plug)CB-75-BL
CB-Call ButtonCB-20
CBL-Call Button LatchingCBL-20
CBM-Call Button MomentaryCBM-01-B
CC-Current ControllerCC-01
COM-Raceway Connector Combo PackE-Z 58 COM-W
CP-Child Proof Pool Alarm289CP-3
CS-Current SensorCS-1
DC-Raceway Drop CeilingE-Z 58 DC-W
DP-Dummy PlugDP-75-W
DPA-Dumb Pool AlarmDPA-10
DPP-Double Gang Plastic PlateDPP-22
DSP-Double Gang Stainless Steel PlateDSP-22
DS-Dome SwitchDS-01
EC-Raceway End CapE-Z 58 EC-W
E-Z 585/8” x 1/2” RacewayE-Z 58 6-W
E-Z 755/8” x 1 1/4” RacewayE-Z 75 6-W
-GGray Color20RS-12-G
GTGate Mount Pool AlarmGT289-1
HDHeavy Duty200-36HD
HD-Hold-Up DeviceHD-1
HTP-High Temperature ProbeHTP-1
IC-Raceway Inside CornerE-Z 58 IC-W
-JCJacketed Cable with Chain4712-JC
MC-Door or Window Channel MagnetMC-180-W or MC-25
MM-Mighty Mag - Rare Earth MagnetMM-400
NRare Earth Switch SetN2020-12
NSP-Narrow Gang Stainless PlateNSP-17
OC-Raceway Outside CornerE-Z 58 OC-W
OFOval Flange20 OF-12-W
PPig Tail410P-G
PB-Push ButtonPB-100-B
PBF-Push Button With FlangePBF-100-W
PLPrivate Logo29A-W(PL)
PP-Single Gang Plastic PlatePP-13
PW-Pre Wire PlugPW-375-W
RRecessed (Round)50R-12-W
RA-Raceway Right AngleE-Z 58 RA-W
RB-Roller BallRB-01-W
RFRecessed (Round) With Flange50RF-12-W
RSRecessed (Round) Short50RS-12-W
R2Resistor Pack With 2 1.5K Resistors
SSwitch OnlyS20RS-12-W
S-Spacer or BracketS-28-B or S-9
SB-Timed Electronic Shunt SwitchSB-2000
SG-Raceway Junction BoxE-Z 58 SG-W
SP-Raceway SpliceE-Z 58 SP-W
SP-Single Gang Steel PlateSP-20
-TTerminal Switch2020-T-W
TEE-Raceway Tee ConnectorE-Z 58 TEE-W
TP-Temperature ProbeTP-1
TS-Tamper SwitchTS-20
TSC-Tamper Switch With ClipTSC-20
VS-Vent SwitchVS-06
WWhite Color20RS-12-W
WBAlarmed Window BarWB-26-38
WGWide Gap2020-12WG-W
XWGExtra Wide Gap2020-12XWG-W
ZZip CordZ50-12-W
-12"-36"Wire Length2020-12/200-36

Contact Specifications

Loop Type


Closed LoopSwitch closed when magnet is in close proximity.
Open LoopSwitch open when magnet is in close proximity.
S.P.D.T.Switch has common, open and closed sides.
D.P.D.T.Two switches, each having common, open and closed sides.