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Environmetal Monitoring

George Risk Industries, Inc., manufactures multiple kinds of sensors designed to detect for humidity, water, fixed temperatures, liquid levels, and more. Find the environmental sensors you need today.

H8800 T8800

Humidity Sensor

H8800 Series

  • Has one sensor to detect and report relative humidity
  • Low cost
  • Has non-volatile memory
  • Can include a remote probe up to 500 feet
H8800 T8800

Temperature Sensor

T8800 Series

  • Includes two versions: a single on board sensor or a remote probe up to 500 feet
  • Has programable high and low alarms
  • Can be submerged in liquid or installed in a freezer
  • Has a low cost

Fixed Temperature Sensors

T8000 Series

  • Has general temperature monitoring
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a small surface mount
  • Has fixed temperature sensors that reach: 32°F, 41°F, 50°F, 70°F, and 140°F
2500T 2600T

Water Sensor With Relay Contact

2500/2600/2624 Series

  • Can detect any conductive non-flammable liquid
  • Perfect to use anywhere water damage would occur
  • Has closed and open loop versions
  • Has an automatic reset

Water Sensor with Relay Contact Fluid Sensor With Relay Contact


  • Able to detect any non-flammable liquid
  • Best used anywhere liquid detection is required
  • Comes with an automatic reset
  • Available in a custom lead length

Surface Mount Water Contact


  • Detects any conductive non-flammable liquid
  • Ideal for using anywhere water damage can occur
  • Has an automatic reset
  • To obtain maximum protection, it’s best to use the 2600 4-wire sensor

Absence of Water Detector

2808 Series

  • Can sense or respond to the absence or presence of any non-volatile liquid
  • Controlled through a microprocessor
  • Comes with a 12″ cable

Liquid Level Detector

2826 / 2826FS

  • Has the ability to detect non-volatile liquids in remote hard to reach locations
  • A fail safe version is available
  • Can be used with wireless transmitters

Home Water Leak Alarm System


  • Designed as a signaling device for home water leaks
  • When water comes into its contact, it will sound a local alarm and flashing LED indicator
  • Is equipped with a low battery indicator

Water Valve Shutoff


  • Has the ability to monitor flooding from a leaking or broken water line
  • Includes visual and audible status indicators
  • Is able to cover a large area when its used with multiple sensors
  • Has a battery backup in its low voltage design

Water Moccasin Sensor Strip with Relay Contact

  • Has a 2600 Water sensor built into a 10-foot mesh water strip sensor for perimeter or large area flood detection
  • Best used for basements, computer server rooms, water pipes, attics, or places where water damage could occur
  • 12 VDC closed loop
  • Has an automatic reset

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