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Special Services

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Special Services Cable & Wire Options

GRI offers a wide variety of services to fit your unique needs. Whether that is a non-standard length or type of wire, crimp connections to add Molex and other connectors, or diodes and resistors, you will find that we are likely able to fullfill your needs.

6644 resistor packs

Diode & Resistor Packs

We build resitors and/or diodes into our switches for our customers’ convenience with a standard tolerance of ± 5%. Other tolerances are available upon request, so please reach out to our team with any questions.


Magnetic Contacts with Built-In E.O.L Resistors

  • Standard Switch Sets use 1/8 or 1/4 watt Resisters
  • Closed Loop Switches have Resistors in series to switch
  • Open Loop Switches have Resistors parallel to switch
  • Resister Only Packs are available for retro-fits
  • GRI also assembles just the resistors in convenient packages
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Private Labeling

If you would like to create private labeling for any of the parts you’re ordering, GRI can make that happen. Please fill out our Private Label Order Sheet, linked below, and email to your representative. Plates typically require at least two weeks to be engraved.

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Custom Manufacturing

Not all switches are the same, and what one client needs may not fit the needs of all. To ensure you can find exactly what you need, GRI offers custom manufacturing to help out in those special situations where the standard product just won’t work. Our team is here to help you with anything you need.

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