About Us

George Risk Industries, Inc. A USA manufacturer of security products for alarm systems and Labor Saving Devices, a line of tools for wire and cable runs.

Our History

Since 1965, we have been steadfast in maintaining a level of craftsmanship and quality that is unmatched. Throughout our 50+ years of work, we have continually worked hard to design innovative products that meet our customers’ needs and ensure that every product we sell is exactly what’s expected.

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Our Products

George Risk Industries designs and manufactures magnetic reed switches, as well as keyboards, keypads, pushbutton and keyboard switches, proximity sensors, and engraved keycaps. Our products are sold through a network of distributors worldwide for industrial, manufacturing, transportation, and agricultural applications.

George Risk Industries is also recognized as a quality manufacturer of door and window contact switches, environmental products, proximity switches, and custom keyboards for the security industry. GRI’s security products are used in alarm system installations in the residential, commercial, industrial, and government sectors.

George Risk Industries is also the parent company of Labor Saving Devices Inc., offering a wide selection of professional installation tools.

We use only the finest raw materials in manufacturing our products, and maintain a “zero-defect” goal for our vendors. Also, all of our parts are assembled by hand and fully tested by our quality control team prior to shipping.

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Labor Saving Devices, Inc. (LSDI) joined the GRI family back in 2017. With the acquisition of LSDI, GRI now has the ability to sell tool kits and professional installation products to help contractors and employees across numerous industries.

LSDI’s mission has always been, as the name implies, to save people time and energy during the installation process on any large-scale job. Now that the company has merged with GRI, this mission will continue and allow GRI to expand into other industries, like cable and communications.

Similarly to GRI, LSDI has historically committed to offering a line of high-quality products that are designed to make the installation process a little easier.