Drilling & Cutting Tools

LSDI by GRI carries a great selection of drilling and cutting tools that are designed to help you save time on every job site. Find the tools you need today.

Specialty Bits

63-516 BBZ5 16th


Perfect for slab construction, concrete floors, or under-carpet wire applications, this tool provides a clean, professional installation when you need to route wire or cable from the floor level up into the wall.

Part No.Model
5/16" Base-Boar-Zit KitLS-63-516BBZ5/16
7/16" Base-Boar-Zit KitLS-63-716BBZ7/16
62-338 REB3 8th

ReBore-Zit Drill Bits

Is the only drill bit designed to enlarge a previously drilled hole while retaining the existing wire in the hole.

Part No.Model
3/8" ReBore-Zit (1/4" Pilot Size)LS-62-338REB3/8
1/2" ReBore-Zit (3/8" Pilot Size)LS-62-348REB1/2
3/4" ReBore-Zit (3/8" Pilot Size)LS-62-368REB3/4
1/4" ReBore-Zit Pilot Only AttachmentLS-62-000P1/4
3/8" ReBore-Zit Pilot Only AttachmentLS-62-005P3/8
84-547 PW36047

Reference Bits (10-Pack)

0.047″ reference bits allow you to drill a reference hole through material to check for obstructions, knots, or other undesirables.

Part No.Model
Reference BitsLS-84-547PW36047

Installation Bits

65-424 FFB3824 MASONRY BIT

Premium Masonry Bits

The 118-degree carbide tip provides precision feeding and cleaner holes, and offers superior strength compared to other masonry bits. Premium Masonry Bits have been fabricated in USA to our high standards by Freeform.

Part No.Model
Premium Freeform Masonry Bit 3/8" x 24"LS-65-424FFMB3824
Premium Freeform Masonry Bit 3/8" x 36"LS-65-436FFMB3836
65-418 FFA3418B AUGER BIT

Premium Auger Bits

This bit includes an integral lead screw with course threads for precise drilling, and minimizes bit drift or “walk,” and will help “pull” the bit through wood, requiring less effort by the installer.

Part No.Model
Premium Freeform Auger Bit 1/2" x 18LS-65-400FFA3818
Premium Freeform Auger Bit 1/2" x 24LS-65-405FFA3824
Premium Freeform Auger Bit 3/4" x 18LS-65-418FFA2418B
65-318 and 65-272 Freeform Bits

Premium Freeform Flexible High Speed Drill Bits

Superior functionality, high-quality construction, and dependable performance are why professional installers consistently choose these Freeform drill bits over conventional bellhanger bits.

Part No.Model
Premium Freeform Bit 3/8" x 18"LS-65-218FF3818F
Premium Freeform Bit 3/8" x 24"LS-65-224FF3824F
Premium Freeform Bit 3/8" x 36"LS-65-236FF3836F
Premium Freeform Bit 3/8" x 48"LS-65-248FF3848F
Premium Freeform Bit 3/8" x 58"LS-65-258FF3858F
Premium Freeform Bit 3/8" x 72"LS-65-272FF3872F
Premium Freeform Bit 1/2" x 18"LS-65-318FF1218F
Premium Freeform Bit 1/2" x 24" LS-65-324FF1224F
Premium Freeform Bit 1/2" x 36"LS-65-336FF1236F
Premium Freeform Bit 1/2" x 48"LS-65-348FF1248F
Premium Freeform Bit 1/2" x 58"LS-65-358FF1258F
Premium Freeform Bit 1/2" x 72"LS-65-372FF1272F

Extensions & Guides

65-437 FFE33 extension

FFEXT Freeform Series Flexible Extensions for Drill Bits

This series enables the installer to drill thought top and bottom plates and multiple fire blocks from the same entry point, making a two-story (or beyond) retrofit installation quick and easy. The unique three-set screw configuration insures a secure compression lock.

Part No.Model
33" 3/16 for 3/16 Extension by FreeformLS-65-437FFE33
53" 3/16 for 3/16 Extension by FreeformLS-65-438FFE53
69" 3/16 for 3/16 Extension by FreeformLS-65-439FFE69
61-000 AT7

Directional Tool for Flex Bits

Made of hardened 1/4” steel and welded construction, this tool enables you to hold, control and guide flexible shaft drill bits and extensions into wall cavities and other confined spaces. The strong construction and durable powder coating allows for years of reliable, trouble-free service.

Part No.Model
Directional ToolLS-61-000AT7

Adjustable Double Blade Hole Cutters

56-015 DBHC10

10" Adjustable Double Blade Hole Cutter

This double blade hole cutter adjusts from 1.25” to 10” diameter and up to 2” in depth, and cuts plywood, plasterboard, and acrylic sheet up to 2.7 cm. Ideal for canned lighting and speakers.

Part No.Model
10" Double Blade Hole Cutter (DBHC)LS-56-015DBHC10
Replacement Blades for 10" DBHCLS-56-017DBRBHC
Pilot Drill Bit for 10" DBHCLS-56-018DBHCP
56-115 DBHC115

12” Multi-Function Hole Cutter

Longer blade allows you to cut holes from 1.9″ to 12″ in diameter, and from .125″ to 2″ in depth. Comes in durable storage case, along with a clear shield for dust and shavings. Can cut veneer, plywood, sheet rock (gypsum board), fiberglass, fiber cement board, plaster, stucco, etc.

Part No.Model
12" Double Blade Hole CutterLS-56-115DBHC115
Tungsten Carbide Replacement Blades for 12" CutterLS-56-117
High Speed Steel Replacement Blades for 12" CutterLS-56-118
Pilot Drill Bit for 12" DBHCLS-56-119