Specialty Wire Running, Pushing & Pulling Systems

From heavy-duty commercial cable kits to fishing wires and tapes, LSDI by GRI carries a great selection of heavy-duty wire systems designed to advance the art of installation and simplify your next job.

Heavy Duty Wire Running

81-501 FS

FishTix II Commercial Cable Installation Kit

This cable installation kit is designed to pull large cable bundles across long areas like cable trays, suspended tile ceilings, and raised flooring.

  • Twelve 4 ft x 7/8” diameter flexible tubes with detent connectors
  • Resilient whisk head
  • Female & male bullnose heads
  • Nylon case with snap buckles and a shoulder strap


Part No.Model
FishTix Commercial Cable Installation Kit with CaseLS-81-501FS
Individual / Replacement 4 ft FishTix SectionLS-81-502FS4
Individual / Replacement Whisk Head for FishTixLS-81-504FW
Female Bullnose for FishTixLS-81-506FBF
FishTix Nylon Case OnlyLS-81-507FSC
Male Bullnose for FishTixLS-81-508MBF

Grabbit Fiberglass Telescoping Poles

This tool is designed for running wires or cables through limited access areas and false ceilings for both residential and commercial installations.

  • Includes handy snap-on light accessory
  • Patented Z-Tip wire “grabber” tip
  • J-Tip for wire loops or fishing tape

Available as:

Part No.Model
Grabbit 5 ft Telescoping PoleLS-82-105GR5
Grabbit Mini, 10 ft Telescoping PoleLS-82-110GRMINI
Grabbit 12 ft Telescoping PoleLS-82-112GR12
Grabbit 18 ft Telescoping PoleLS-82-118GR18
Replacement Z-TipLS-82-350ZTIP
Replacement J-TipLS-82-370JTIP
Grabbit Clip-On Flashlight (2 pack) LS-82-390GRL
Grabbit Clip-On Flashlight for the GR5LS-82-391GRL5
Cruch Tip Caps for the Grabbit 18LS-82-380GRLC

Fishing Wires & Tapes

85-125 UCT25

25 ft Stainless Steel Under Carpet Fish Tape

LS-85-125, UCT25

This tape is intended for running low voltage wiring between a carpet and the pad.

  • Constructed of a high-grade stainless steel
  • Tape measures 3/4″ wide by 25 ft. long
  • Has a durable plastic storage case
85-315 YFT15

Fiberglass Fishing Wires

Smaller diameter (.120″) than the .175″-diameter of Creep-Zit rods

  • Perfect for flexibility
  • Designed for conduit and tight rod runs that might stress
  • standard Creep-Zit rodS

Available as:

Part No.Model
YFT 15 ft. Yellow Epoxy Fish Tape in Case LS-85-315YFT15
YFT 30 ft. Yellow Epoxy Fish Tape in CaseLS-85-330YFT30
YFT 30 ft. Clear Epoxy Fish Tape in CaseLS-85-335YFTBN
85-510 ICFW10047

Steel Fishing Wires

These wires are designed to fish wire to long runs or in applications that need even more flexibility than fiberglass.

  • Made of high-grade spring steel
  • Available in standard lengths
  • Centered eyelet on both ends for easy wire or pull cord attachment

Available as:

Part No.Model
Fish-Eze 12 ft. Wire in HolderLS-83-112FEKW12
Fish-Eze .047 Dia. 36" Steel Fish Wire (5 Pack)LS-84-047FW36047
Fish-Eze .062 Dia. 36" Steel Fish Wire (5 Pack)LS-84-062FW36062
.047 Dia. 10 ft. Fish Wire in CaseLS-85-510ICFW10047

Pull Sleeves & Pull Socks

85-975 CP34 with zip ties

Connector Protector Pull Sleeve 3/4”

LS-85-975, CP3/4

This heavy-duty pulling sleeve is equipped with a fused bullet head that makes pulling pre-connected wires easier.

  • Expands to fit up to 1-3/4” diameter of wire
  • Contracts down to 3/4” diameter
85-921 PZB18 6ft pull sock with metal bullnose tip

Metal Bullnose Mesh Pull Sock 1/8” x 6’

LS-85-921, MB1/8

This 6 ft. long sock is made to cover up pull wires that are up to one RG6 or equivalent in size.

  • Can be used with any of our magnetic tools like the Drag-Zit Connector Tips or the Wet Noodle
85-900 FTZS1 Full Kit

Fish Tailz Pull Socks

LS-85-900, FTZS

Available As:


Part No.Model
9" (Fish Tailz Mesh Pull Sock SetLS-85-900FTZS
9" (Fish Tailz 1/8” x 36” Mesh SockLS-85-901FTZ1/8
Fish Tailz ¼” x 36” Mesh Sock LS-85-902FTZ1/4
Fish Tailz 3/8” x 36” Mesh SockLS-85-903FTZ3/8
Fish Tailz ½” x 36” Mesh SockLS-85-904FTZ1/2
Fish Tailz ¾” x 36” Mesh SockLS-85-905FTZ3/4
Fish Tailz 1” x 36” Mesh SockLS-85-906FTZ1
Fish Tailz 1 ¼” x 36” Mesh SockLS-85-907FTZ1-1/4
Fish Tailz 1 1/2” x 36” Mesh SockLS-85-908FTZ1-1/2