Professional Installation Tools from LSDI by GRI

Installation is an art and Labor Saving Devices is here to help you with all your wire and cable installation needs. Whether your job is security, home theater, audio/visual, communications, electrical, lighting, home automation or central vacuum, installation success depends on the right tools. Shop the categories below to find the appropriate tools to make your job faster and easier.

LSDI Installation Staging Setup group

Installation, Staging, Vision, & Testing Tools

No job can get off to a good start without the right tools at hand. Find measuring & leveling tools, wire strippers, screwdrivers, soldering kits, wire reel holders, vision aides and more from our selection of installation products.

LSDI Drilling and Cutting group

Drilling & Cutting Tools

With the LSDI drill bits, reference bits & hole cutters, easily make your way into walls, ceilings and basements for a quick, clean installation.

LSDI FiberFuse Wire Running group

FiberFuse™ Wire Running Rods & Kits

Check out the full set of wire running kits from Creep-ZitTM and Roy RodsTM, along with other replacement FiberFuseTM pieces, offered by LSDI today.

LSDI Heavy Duty Wire Systems group

Specialty Wire Running, Pushing & Pulling Systems

Get the job done quickly, and done right, with a wide selection of commercial cable kits, heavy duty telescoping rods, fishing wires and tapes, and more from LSDI.

LSDI Spanning and Retrieval group

Spanning & Retrieval Tools

Never worry about dropped wires and getting across large areas with the great selection of spanning and retrieval tools offered by LSDI.