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George Risk Industries, Inc. offers electronic switching devices in a variety of styles to improve your security.


Power Transfer Device with Custom Lengths .218 Diameter


  • 8296 Stainless steel armored cable
  • 0.218” / 5.55mm inside diameter
  • 0.303”/ 7.77mm outside diameter
  • Includes mounting screws

Current Controller CC-01


  • Designed for lamp switching
  • Used for walk-in closets, pantries and cabinets
  • Has an automatic AC voltage switching system
  • Will monitor the state of a low voltage switch connected to the door

Current Sensor CC15


  • Has 15 amp switching
  • Designed for appliance control
  • Used in environmental control & lighting systems
  • Controlled with low voltage applications
  • Custom programming options are available

Current Sensors

CS Series

  • Fails safe with excessive current
  • Micro-weld switch protection
  • Channels voltage above 60 V to ground

Low Voltage Switching Device


  • Has 2 amps for switching
  • Light gauge wire uses
  • Has 12 or 24 volt DC switching
  • Water Resistant
  • There are programming options available

Power Supplies & Regulators

  • 8065R is a Class II U.L. 12 V DC Regulated 500 mA power supply with a red LED indicator for power suspension. Perfect for use with the 189/289 GRI Series Pool Alarm
  • 6973 power supply converts 110V AC to a non-regulated 9V DC at 50mA output and is perfect for use with the Programmable Relay Module

Power Transfer Device


  • 18″ armored cable
  • Metal end caps and ferrules
  • Holds wire up to .180″ diameter
6600 6601 junction box with cover

Junction Box


  • Wire capture terminals
  • Reed tamper
  • Barrier wall design to prevent shorting
  • Private labeling available

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