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Specialty Switches

George Risk Industries, Inc. carries all types of specialty switches that can be used to help improve security and safety in homes and businesses. From our panic switches to our touch sensors, we have everything you need to be safe and secure.


Dual Function Switches

AA/AC Series

  • Security to access control
  • Security to relays
  • Security to pool alarms

High Current Contact Switches

with HS-631 Reed

  • Capable of extended operation applications in extreme environments with aluminum case and high temperature wire
  • Capable of switching power loads between three and 100 watts
  • Good match for applications needing a reed switch to activate higher voltage components; lights, blower motors, light industrial air compressors, home water fountains, pumps, etc
WB-30-42 window bar

Alarmed Window Bar

Window Bar Series

  • Will fit windows from 30” to 42” wide with no cutting required
  • Removes easily in an emergency
  • Will work with hard wired or wireless systems
GR3045 panic switch

Panic Switch

GR3045 Series

  • Mounts horizontal or vertical on the side of a desk or counter
  • Its smooth housing prevents accidental clothing damage
  • When its in the closed position, reed contacts will reset

Hold-Up Switch

HD-1 Latching / Non-Latching

  • Can be installed in fast food restaurants, banks, mini-marts, health care facilities, jewelry stores, or any installation that calls for an absolutely silent emergency alarm
  • Silent operations
  • Tamper resistant
  • A glowing green LED light indicates armed state and alarm condition

Quick Disconnect Cord


  • Ideal for transferring power across gates, overhead doors, and other openings where a standard switch will not work due to loose fitting, worn or damaged doors
  • Its weather pack nylon connectors are environmentally sealed to withstand exposure to temperature and moisture

Service Repair Connector


  • Best used in the agricultural and industrial industries for outdoor use
  • Ideal for use on HVAC and other applications for removal of equipment for service and repair

Recessed ANSI Switch

ANSI Switch

  • Has an optimum concealment application
  • Easy install replaces standard ANSI stainless steel door plate
  • A covert installation enhances resistance to tampering or compromise
DPS70R with hinge

Concealed Contact Hinged Door Positioning Switch


  • Snaps in and locks into place in existing screw hole in hinge
  • Allows for all access control hardware to be in a central location
  • Alarm contact and REX wires can all be located in a small section of the door
engraved wall plate single

Engraved Wall Plates

  • Button and collar available in colors white, black, red, green, and blue
  • Comes with custom engraving or heat stamp
  • Available in surface mount, small, and oversized recessed single gang white plastic

Tilt Sensor


  • Used in a variety of applications where accurate detection of tampering is critical
  • Senses movement or removal museum pieces, paintings, and valuable art objects
  • Senses tampering or movement if equipment covers
    An alarm is signaled if equipment is moved

Omni-Directional Tilt Sensor

ODTS-1 & 2

  • Can sense: tampering and removal of equipment and valuable objects; removal of equipment covers; vandalism or theft of computers and televisions; removal or opening of access doors and hatches
  • ODTS-2 is encased in aluminum housing
  • Senses tilts in any direction of 15 degrees or more
HVAC kit


  • Designed to help prevent loss of air conditioning coils on homes and commercial buildings by the use of two or more 4561 Tilt Switches and panel specific Resistor R1-72#
HVAC Omni Directional

HVAC Kit Omni-Directional


  • Helps prevent loss of air conditioning coils on homes and commercial building by the use of one ODTS-1 Tilt Switch and panel specific resistor R1-72-#

Home Nurse Call System

NC-20 Series

  • Designed as a signaling device for use as a self contained
  • Home Nurse Call System
  • Has a local alarm and flashing LED indicator
  • Has 2 Form C relays

Call Button

CB-20 Series

  • Used as a nurse call for medical facilities, hospitals, assisted living, and nursing homes
  • Has a panic switch for the elderly
  • Has a mechanical type call button

ShockTec SG-2


  • Used as a solid state Piezo electric sensor
  • Has a Digital Microprocessor with intelligent Digital Signal Processing
  • Has a tri-colored LED indicator

Touch Sensor


  • Can sense and respond to the slightest human touch
  • Developed to replace mechanical switch applications
  • Can be mounted on metallic and non-metallic surfaces
VS-06 with mag cover spacer tape

Vent Switch

VS Series

  • Eliminates double magnets
  • Helps prevent false alarms
  • You won’t have to disarm systems when opening or closing windows

Wire Trip Switch


  • Best used in basement windows, crawl spaces, and attics
  • Made to cover unusual openings where a normal switch won’t adequately cover the opening
  • Helps to eliminate false alarms and nuisance service calls

Door Alert Annunciator

Closed Loop

  • Designed to signal customer entry into a business
  • Sounds instantly when a door opens
  • Monitors one or more openings
  • Can be surface mount or recessed
290-1 and 290-2 front

Door Monitor

  • Monitors entry and exits
  • Comes in surface or flush mount models
  • Has a reprogrammable delay/shunt time
  • Has a fully self-contained alarm system with auto reset capability
DM-1 all parts included


DM-1 Garage Door Monitor

  • Monitors the position of the garage door and automatically closes after a preset delay
  • Has a hold function to keep the garage door open
  • Gives off sounder alerts when the garage door is about to close
  • Power supply, contact switch, mounting bracket, and wire are all included

Timed Electronic Shunt Switch

SB-2000 / SB-2001

  • Can be incorporated into any existing closed loop circuit
  • Has adjustable times shunt with indicating LED
  • Allows for an exit without disarming the system
  • Used in residential and commercial applications

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