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Magnetic Reed Switches

George Risk Industries, Inc. provides a variety of magnetic reed switches made in the USA. We provide closed-loop and open-loop magnetic reed switches with a standard gap, wide, and extra wide gap, with built-in End of Line resistors. GRI also supplies SPDT and DPDT magnetic reed switches. Find the products you need, which come with a lifetime warranty*, below.

See spec sheets for details and part numbers.

GRI Magnetic Reed Switch Recessed Switches group

Recessed Switches

Our recessed magnetic contacts are designed for wood, vinyl, aluminum or metal entry/exit doors and windows (thick or thin). Products range from flanged to press or snap to fit.

GRI Magnetic Reed Switch Communication Industry group

Commercial & Industrial Switches

Our commercial magnetic contacts include rugged, weather resistant housing made of aluminum for gates, safes, manholes, doors, etc., along with pull apart switches and armored disconnect cable.

GRI Magnetic Reed Switch Roller Plunger Tamper group

Roller, Plunger, & Tamper Switches

Our roller, plunger and tamper switches are available in a variety of sizes from 3/8” to ¾” diameter. Press fit or flanged. All are hermetically sealed and use plated contacts to resist sticking or freezing. Our recessed tamper switches are available in a box type or recessed with a nylon case for flexibility and durability.

GRI Magnetic Reed Switch Surface Mount group

Surface Mount Switches

Our surface mount contacts are available from micro to commercial/industrial size. With many options, they can be ordered with or without flanges, screw terminals, 22 gauge wire or vinyl jacketed wire.

GRI Magnetic Reed Switch Overhead Door group

Overhead Door Switches

From floor mount to wall mount to track mount to concealed in concrete, we’ve got your overhead doors covered. Also available, extended gap for loose fitting doors, vane switches for storage units and curtain door switches.

GRI Magnetic Reed Switch High Security group

High Security Switches

GRI offers biased, triple biased and Magnasphere for high security applications. Available in recessed, surface mount and industrial housings.

* Learn more about GRI’s full warranty and return policies.